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Smart Cards
We offer a two-in-one solution that combines a biometric device and smart card reader, using standard non contact smart card technology. Fingerprint or hand geometry templates are captured during enrollment and directly writ- ten to a smart card chip.


Logical Access
Enterprise access cards consolidate employee credentials onto a single, se- cure smart card providing photo ID as well as a security device that enables secure windows and network login, PC 'locking', secure remote access (VPN), secure e mail with digital signatures and single sign-on to your enterprise and desktop applications. Employees can also access buildings and other facilities with the same card for a truly consolidated security solution.


Technical Specifications and Capabilities

  • Access control systems are net-workable

  • Each cardholder can be assigned unique access security levels

  • Card holder locations can be tracked to prevent two people from sharing a card

  • Cards can be programmed with specific lock out times

  • Access control systems can be integrated with time and attendance software packages



The use of CCTV has grown dramatically over the last few years and is set to continue. Its focus has been on increasing security, peace of mind and crime prevention in thousands of applications. CCTV security cameras can be used in both internal and external environments protecting property, staff or visitors to your premises against theft, vandalism or personal injury. Its use has impacted positively in both the public sector and business organisations.


We design and install extremely high quality megapixel CCTV systems to match your exact requirements. Technological advances make it possible to view your premises from a remote location & the introduction of megapixel quality CCTV cameras has dramatically increased the quality achieved from CCTV cameras both in live and recorded footage. The advance in technology also means that CCTV is now in reach of domestic applications with a selection of unobtrusive security cameras and recorders.

Our systems allow users to gain control of their cameras & digital recorders remotely so as to scan the premises. This is particularly useful if your intruder alarm is activated at night. You can view the camera images to check for intruders without the risk of going outside. With this solution, home security is enhanced and acts as a powerful deterrent.